Help me decide on a case for my iPhone 5???

These are my favorites so far. It’ll be a white iPhone btw (: 

Posted: 2 years ago
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  1. dolllasign answered: I personally like the black/turquoise best (;
  2. youpizzashit answered: third one definitely
  3. jessicaology answered: I love love love the 2nd one:)
  4. babyybullshit said: I like 2nd & 3rd but I kinda feel like you’re gonna go for the 4th
  5. esosique-es answered: all of them. (: but um i think the black one is way sick (:
  6. rebeccalouise15 answered: Can you please tell me where you found these cases? I’m looking for one and these are adorable!! :)
  7. lemonturtles answered: …i love all of them except for the black swirly thingy haha. i would go for the third one
  8. velociraptear answered: The black, white and greeny one.
  9. psychville answered: 2nd
  10. between-u-n-i answered: i like the first one!
  11. tropicalreefs answered: the first is perfect seriously sodubvosdbvo i want
  12. platinum-whirlwind answered: The third :) or second!
  13. x0danielle answered: frst!!
  14. c-cocaine-e answered: I really like the second and third one c: <3
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